Programs Offered

CraneCoach is currently offering the following on-site NCCCO Training Programs*:

mobile crane trainingNCCCO Articulating Crane: A two or three day program consisting of 12- hours of technical training, a written exam**, and practical operating exams***. The candidate must select at least the basic ABC, and can also include ABW (winch/cable), and/or ABL (loader). The practical exams are for ABC/ABW combined and a separate ABL.

NCCCO Mobile Crane: A four or five day program, consisting of 24- to 28- hours of technical training, written tests**, and practical operating exams***. Written tests consist of a Core/general knowledge module, and four Specialty modules – small telescopic/fixed cab (<17-1/2 tons), large telescopic/swing cab (>17-1/2 tons), lattice truck, and lattice crawler. The candidate must take the Core and at least one Specialty Exam. The practical exams are similar, except one Lattice Practical satisfies both Lattice categories.

NCCCO Overhead Crane: A two day program, consisting of 8-hours of technical training, a written exam**, and a practical exam***.

NCCCO Signalperson: A one day program, consisting of 5-hours of technical training, a written exam**, and a computer-based, animated practical exam***. Maximum class size is 12.

NCCCO Rigger Level 1: A two to three day program, consisting of 8-hours of technical training, a written exam**, and a practical exam***

Additional Material Handling Training quoted by Request – see Biography page

skid steel loaders training

*For further program information, please see the Links tab for a downloadable Candidate Handbook.

**All NCCCO Written Exams are administered by representatives from International Assessment Institute, Clearwater, Florida. Strict written test site registration/scheduling deadlines and additional fees apply.

***All Practical Exams are administered by the instructor. However, strict practical test site registration/deadlines and additional practical test fees to International Assessment Institute apply.


CraneCoach fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the tests.